about Temili


i go online by Temili (stress on the first syllalbe, read as if it's written in ipa already), my toki pona name. my actual name is Dmitry or Dima

he/him or they/them is fine.

20 years old

languages: russian, english, toki pona, swedish, finnish

i do all sorts of stuff. toki pona has become a part of my identity at this point, i do translations into it because i enjoy the thought of me and a handful of other people being among the first to produce any content in a language. like how cool is that.

i also enjoy playing ttrpg's and performing magic with cards. i'm very mediocre at both.

discord: Temili#7390 please message me if you came across this site! i'm very curious if anyone will :"D

youtube channel

tumblr blog about sitelen sitelen personal tumblr blog

i also have a smule page, feel free to check out my recordings